Meatec は、真空タンブラー、スモークハウス、および関連アクセサリーのエンジニアリング、製造、およびサービスを専門としています.

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Meatec 機械


Found in 2009. Meatec specializes in engineering, manufacturing and servicing vacuum tumblers, smokehouses, and relative accessories like stainless steel bins, bin tippers, trolleys, sticks and trays. The equipment is widely used in all kinds of meat processing such as sausages, bacon, Prosciutto, mortadella, steaks and so on from small restaurants to big food tycoons.

By many years cooperating, communicating and even competing with our peers in the world, Meatec has been accumulating lots of practical experience and technologies of meat processing and learning more and further the advantages and disadvantages of Made-in-China. The Meatec people are keeping improving and adopting those knowledge to the stage of machine manufacturing in China to provide clients the most reasonable and reliable equipment and solutions.

Be Big with us!

Meatec 機械, 肉タンブラーマリネーターマシン
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Meatec は、真空タンブラー、スモークハウス、および関連アクセサリーのエンジニアリング、製造、およびサービスを専門としています